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STRATA is an agency that bridges the gap between artists and organisations that share a common goal: To accelerate our transition towards a more sustainable future.

Artists have a unique power to help businesses in their transition to sustainability by creating positive dialogue and and emotional resonance around key environmental issues.

By integrating artists who are passionate about environmental issues, organisations can engage employees, drive innovation, differentiate themselves through values, and multiply their societal impact.

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We help you create artistic experiences that bring to life your CSR/ESG strategy and values


Sustainability-themed and artist-led talks, workshops, exhibitions and events


Artworks that align with your CSR/ESG vision, crafted through employee engagement

As the intermediary strata between artists and businesses, our expertise allows us to carefully select the best environmentally-focused artists – those with deep knowledge and highly collaborative practices – to work with our partners.

Each collaboration is the result of a deep understanding around what makes you unique.

Unlike other agencies, we only work with artists with deep engagement on environmental themes. Our credibility on these topics is hard-earned and of the utmost importance.

Each STRATA project is supported by a network of multi-disciplinary advisors and partners – that range from scenography to post-production – enabling an end-to-end service, and a maximum impact.

High-quality documentation creates as a lasting testament to this unique collaboration, enabling its influence to be felt beyond its immediate participants and reach a wide audience.

Impact is what motivates us. We measure the results of each collaboration and aim to improve each time, because our ultimate goal is to create the highest possible engagement around environmental issues, in a way that is both effective and enjoyable.

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